Listen to your customers

It is good to know how much your consumers can spend.

It is crucial to know what motivates them. 

Try the test!

- and find out what kind of shopper you are.


Every company that wants to really understand their customers. Retailers, Marketing agencies, Shopping malls, Media, Brands etc.


To find out what your costumers attracted by in terms of text, design, service etc. How will you know? Click here to learn more.

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What people say about mind16

"Using mind16 narrowed down our initial design process for shopping centers from 6 months to 3 weeks" 
Steve Sutton, GHA Design Studios, Montreal

"I think we have to change the agenda for how we want to develop our city center"
City architect in large Swedish city

"Yes it is like me shopping - how did you know?"
A client after reading the result of the mind16 test

"When are you going to start building?!!!"
The Finnish Mayor of one of Finlands major cities after hearing the mind16 survey result. 
The 35.000sqm down town shopping center in this city is currently being developed.