What is mind16

Mind16 is way to get under the skin of your consumers. When you have the mind16 profile of a consumer you will know how to communicate to them in accordance with their values and personality. The result can be applied for mass marketing, CRM, design etc.

What makes mind16 special

Most current segmentation tools are built on quantities data like income, education, and ways of housing. These segmentations models don’t give you the answer to whether your customers prefer red or white walls, square or round shapes, or what kind of selling points you should use in your communication.

As mind16 is focused on the personality and can transform the personality into preferences for materials, colours, and communications you can define the direction for architecture and design, store layouts, marketing, loyalty programmes according to your consumers preferences.

With mind16 it is no longer a stomach feeling or overall interpretation of what your costumers might like and are attracted by. Instead you will be able to define the framework that everyone involved in the business will respect, no matter if they are internal employees or external consultants.

Some companies and agencies today are familiar with the use of archetypes. mind16 too uses a set of archetypes dividing consumers into categories. However in addition to this mind 16 goes a step deeper. Where archetypes gives you an idea, behaviour and personality overview, mind16 also offers you a result, a palette that communicators, designers, architects and others can use to attract, engage, convert and retain consumers. The use of archetypes can be combined with mind16 – mind16 can make the work with archetypes concrete instead of abstract.

Mind16 gives the answer or a direction for how clients can use the conversion of consumer values and thereby insure that communication is supported by the physical things as e.g. the packaging, the shop decoration etc. After a mind16 analysis the clients know exactly which forms, shapes and colours their segment is drawn to. The client can now communicate via the customers inner values which make it interesting for the customer.

The barriers from company strategy to customer disappear because mind16 combines the company strategy with the customers’ values.

If you know your company’s values, you will now be able to communicate these values through packaging, design, advertising, so you attract the consumers that will be happy to be your costumers as you share values. Products & services

As a profiling, targeting and planning resource mind16 lets you build a better and more accurate picture of the people you really need to know. Once you know who you’re talking to, mind16 will help target your communications sales resources on the best note.